Parting Shot, Summer ’07


This photo was from one of our last site visits in Dodoma.  The woman pictured is a new mother who benefits from Africare’s mosquito net vouchers.  We interviewed her, as well as other community members, and following the interview, she invited us inside of her home, where this shot was taken. – Bryan



So the team has been back in the states now for a week.  We had a very nice last few days with our hosts in Dar Es Salaam, and a relatively uneventful trip back to the states (including a whole lot of ramped up security, post-Glasgow).  Now we’re all over the place – Seattle, New York, DC, Boston, Israel…I’m in Austin, TX right now at S.O.W. headquarters, logging and editing our short documentary for the Clinton Global Initiative, and then cutting together some pieces for Africare.  We’ll be rolling this blog over for next year’s team, so keep in the queue if you’re interested in staying up to date on the Columbia group.  And as soon as the documentary is in some viewable shape, I’ll work on finding an upload platform and posting up on here somehow.  Thanks everyone for reading along during our trip and especially for all of the comments. – Bryan

Moshi Photos


After the jump: photos from the last two working days in Moshi. – Bryan

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The team arrived safely in Dar last night and had a good reunion with some of the Africare staff here.  Updates and photos for the last two days will roll in sometime tomorrow. –Bryan

Last Day in Moshi

Today we filmed in the Hai District, still in the Moshi region. The drive was lengthy but beautiful; after receiving conflicting directions, we took the scenic route overlooking lush ravines of rainforrestry and even some babbling brooks. As usual, we were greeted by many hospitable villagers who waved to us as we drove past. Luckily our driver and guide Jemal was able to get us back on track, and eventually we reached our destination: the Hai District Water Supply Project center. We then met with our contact, Mr. Marandu, a water engineer who consults the project. Mr. Marandu was a joy to interview; he was extremely articulate and eloquent in English, and provided many excellent sound bytes for our documentary.

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Day 22


Some photos of the forest reserve to go with Liz’s post. – Bryan

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Illness and Inspiration

Sarah H has been pretty sick for a few days, and perhaps inevitably (as she is my perpetual roommate) as soon as she started feeling better i began to feel ill. It has been difficult fully engaging with our experiences through the haze of illness and medication, but yesterday’s events managed to somewhat break through the haze.

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Students of the World, an organization conceived by college students and led by students, is devoted to spreading awareness about social justice issues through documentary work. In particular, we focus on non-governmental organizations affecting change in the international community.

Summer ’07

This June, the Columbia team will travel to Tanzania, where we will study two Africare-partnered organizations. The Community-Based Orphan Care, Protection and Empowerment (COPE) Project seeks to increase the community's ability to provide support and care for vulnerable children. The Kilimanjaro Landscape Conservation Partnership (KLCPP) aims to preserve both the communities of Kilimanjaro and its natural attributes.

Summer ’06

Last summer, the Columbia team - in its inaugural SOW trip - traveled with Brown to Ethiopia, where we studied the HIV/AIDS testing and treatment sites of the African Services Committee. For photographs from that trip, please click the "Photos" tab at the top of the page.